Mulholland Drive

Cowboy: A man’s attitude (beat) A man’s attitude goes some ways, the way his life will be. Is that something you might agree with?
Adam: Sure.
Cowboy: Now, did you answer because that’s what you thought I wanted to hear, or did you think about what I said and answer ’cause you truly believe that to be right?
Adam: I agree with what you said, truly.
Cowboy: What’d I say?
Adam: That a man’s attitude determines to a large extent how his life will be.
Cowboy: So since you agree, you must be a person who does not care about the good life.
Adam: How’s that?
Cowboy: Well, stop for a little second and think about it. Can you do that for me?
Adam: (laughs) Okay, I’m thinking.
Cowboy: No, you’re not thinking. You’re too busy being a smart aleck to be thinking. Now, I want you to think and stop being a smart aleck. Can you try that for me?

They say Mulholland Drive is the best film of the 21st century. I am inclined to agree. I am definitely going through another David Lynch phase since the new season of Twin Peaks started.