Gonzo Reflections

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.

— Dr. Johnson via Hunter S. Thompson

While both deserve the utmost praise, Hunter S. Thompson shot himself in the face, and Samuel Johnson was an obese man that lived with poor health. There is no getting rid of the pain of being a man. It is a futile pursuit that leaves men and women in greater pain. These are the pitfalls and tricks of attempting to sound profound.

He who accepts his pain becomes more than a man.

We who accept our pain transcend being human.

Running from the pain leads to a blind alley over and over again.

I shouldn’t be doing this again.

There is “nothing special” about being a human.

Divinity is a creation of our own hands.

Now, I’m just trying to sound profound, but I cannot show my cards.

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